Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Mystery Is Not Yet Solved

Can you tell which is the jumbo?
Today officially marked two weeks since we received the new, organic, non-soy layer mash.  I had hoped it would do the trick on getting the hens back to regular laying.  However, there were no eggs, except for some dropped ones around the yard, for the next couple of days.  Then, I found one large diameter egg next to a normal sized one (see photo).  I thought things might be getting back to normal.  (In the future I'll put a ruler next to the eggs for reference.)

Well, we had two eggs for the next couple of days, but then the production started becoming spotty again.  Then, this past Thursday evening Beulah was just sitting among the raspberry bushes and not doing much of anything.  If it was a hot Summer mid-day I wouldn't have thought anything of it.  However, at evening time they would both generally be still wandering the yard looking for juicy bugs or getting ready to go in for the night.

I asked Sheri to come and look, and she seemed to think that is how Beulah was acting the time she was egg-bound.  We decided to bring her in and put her in a warm bath.  She fussed a little, but not much.  She definitely was not acting herself.  After awhile we saw her eliminate a bit of liquid from her behind.  Sheri thought it was egg white, but to me it just seemed to be regular, milky chicken doody. We put her back outside, and she began to walk around again.  It was time for bed, so she pretty much went into the coop right away.

The next morning (Friday), when I went to open the door to the coop, I looked inside and saw a very milky blotch (about the size of a dropped egg without the shell) on the paper under the roosting bars.  I wasn't sure what to make of that.  Well, Beulah came out of the coop a bit more slowly that morning, and was acting rather listless.  She would just stand in one spot for extended periods of time without moving.  I watched her do this for a few hours, then finally decided to bring her back into the house and get her in a warm tub of water.  This time I filled the tub almost full.  I wanted her bottom to be bathed in the warm water for awhile. I found, however, that she had some trouble standing with so much water.

The weird egg blob.  Sort of
looks like an aborted fetus, no?
In the meantime, while the tub was filling, I massaged her vent area, then stuck a finger up there a ways to see if I could feel an egg or anything.  I didn't want to go in too far, but didn't feel anything.  It did feel very warm, and wondered if that was normal.  I drained most of the water, then finally all of it.  I left her standing in the tub for maybe 30 minutes, checking on her periodically.  One of the times when I went in to check, I found she had eliminated a peach colored blob (see photo).  I could tell it was an egg shell.  It was apparently stuck in the canal somehow.  She then had more of a normal dropping.

I figured she must feel much better, so I took her back outside.  She started walking around the yard again, picking up food.  Then I saw her standing under our back pantry area (no foundation under it) for awhile not moving again.  When I went out later to mow the lawn, she was going around the yard making her usual clucking sounds.  I figured she got out whatever was bothering her.  I observed her go into her run to eat and drink water.  Water, by the way, which I have been refreshing every couple of days, and adding a couple of tablespoons of Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar.

Then, this morning she was slow to exit the coop again.  She did come out and go right for the food and water.  I observed her drink some water.  There was only one egg in the nesting box, so I just figured that from what Beulah went through yesterday, she must be strained, and needing a break.  When we let the hens out of the run, Beulah was acting her normal self, and out foraging for goodies.

Since Beulah seemed to be back to her normal self, we decided to go on a short motorcycle trip we had planned to make.  We were gone most of the day.  Upon returning (in the rain), I went back out to find the chickens, and found Beulah under the pantry/back entry way again.  This time she was standing and not sitting.  I went back about ten minutes later, and she was still there.  I tried to reach under to grab her, and she ran.  That was more normal than not normal.

I went about doing the gardening chores I needed to get done.  Henrietta came over to shadow, and see what I was doing.  Beulah did not.  I checked on her about twenty or thirty minutes later, and she was walking out from under the back entry.  I went to pick her up, and she evaded me.  That seemed normal as well.  I finally tried one more time about fifteen minutes later, and had a difficult time, but did succeed in catching catching her.  I asked Sheri to take her and do the warm bath routine again.  She emerged with a wet hen awhile later, and said she wasn't cooperating.  She released the bird.

At around 7:45 pm, I suddenly heard Beulah making her loud clucking sounds (see the video from a couple weeks ago to see what I mean).  She was standing on the ladder to the coop, then went in.  Now that was odd.  She stayed in there.  Henrietta, of course, continued to peck around the yard until near dark when I finally shooed her into the run.

So, here's where we stand: 1. Beulah was definitely having an issue on Friday, but seemed rather normal today.  2. There was only one egg this morning, obviously from Henrietta.  Oh, and by the way, Beulah sat in the coop quite awhile this morning while Henrietta sat in the nesting box.  This was also not normal.  3. Beulah is definitely having an issue of some sort, but we're not able to determine exactly what it is.

One theory I have is that since the hens were eating the old feed while it continued to go sour, their systems got used to it.  When the new feed was introduced, Henrietta readjusted right away, but Beulah has not.  I don't know if I'll be able to prove that theory, but I'll keep everyone posted as to what happens next.

Note the crack on the left egg.
P.S. The week prior to getting the new feed, Beulah laid an egg with sort of a crack in the shell.  See the photo for a better explanation.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Egg Drops or The Soft Shell

Soft egg next to garden
Chicken keeping  -  So lately we've been running into an interesting situation with the egg production from our two hens.  We'll go for several days with an egg from each per day, then one day we'll just get one egg.  Later I would be walking around the yard, or the garden and find a soft egg deposited somewhere.

One day, several weeks ago, Sheri called me up and said Beulah was acting rather strange (I was not home at the time).  She said the hen was not making her normal clucking sounds, and was just sort of standing there.  Then she went into the run and just stood in front of the ladder not making any attempt to jump up and go into the coop.

I dug into it a little, and learned that a chicken can act like that if she is egg-bound.  So, I said to Sheri that she needs to take the hen into the house, and draw up a bath of warm water.  Then she needs to massage the vent area with the water to try and loosen up the egg.  Needless to say, Sheri was rather worried - especially since we lost Nellie back in November.  I'm now rather certain that it's because she, too, was egg-bound at the time, and died trying to get it out.  It's a sad feeling knowing that we could have done something had we known a bit more.

Next, I read that in a situation such as this the bird needs to get some electrolytes as soon as possible.  I could not think of anything we had around the house that had electrolytes, so I told her she had to go to the store and pick up some Pedialyte.  The store is just a few blocks away, and she hurried out to get some.  In the meantime she barricaded the bathroom (mostly so the cats wouldn't go in snooping around, and left Beulah in the warm tub.  When she returned she found egg parts in the tub.  The warm water apparently worked, and she passed the egg.

Soft egg dropped in the coop (under the roosting bars - viewed from above)
Soft shelled egg under
roosting bars (view from
Sheri worked to get some of the Pedialyte down her beak, but it wasn't going well.  She said the hen started to sound her normal self, so the crisis was over.  Afterwards we found out that we actually DID have something we use every day that has electrolytes in it.  It's called Fortune Delight, a wonderful organic, herbal drink by Sunrider International.  We're Independent Business Owners (franchisees, if you will) of this company.

So, the issue with the soft eggs being dropped regularly around the yard is still plaguing us.  I decided to do some checking into the feed.  We've been feeding our chickens organic, non-soy layer mash from CFS Specialties, Inc.  Up until now it's been great.

Close up of a soft shelled egg
One of the things I discovered is that soft eggs sometimes come from the chicken experiencing sudden shock, but most of the time a cause cannot be found.  From Omlet's Wiki: "It is quite common for a hen to very occasionally lay a thin-shelled or soft-shelled egg. A few hens do this for a short while and a very few may do this for several weeks.

This is extremely unlikely to indicate a problem with a hen. The one-off dodgy egg is just a blip in the egg production system, possibly caused by a shock, but usually no cause can be found."

Another possible cause of the soft shell egg is not getting enough calcium in the hen's diet.  Now, the CFS Specialties layer mash is supposed to have all nutrients and food needs for a hen to be a good layer.  But, the feed is old, so I took some saved egg shells, pulverized them and added them to the feed.  It didn't seem to be making a lot of difference.

Then, through more investigation, I found out that the nutrients in the feed begin to break down after about three months.  Well, since we had purchased this fee back in July last year, this could be the biggest culprit.  It's nearly a year old!

I am picking up some fresh organic, non-soy layer mash from Nature's Grown Organics via JR's Farm and Garden of Crystal Falls, MI.  Hopefully we'll know within the next week if that changes things.  Keep your fingers crossed.