Thursday, May 31, 2012

Chicken Antics

Here's a short video of Beulah waiting for Henrietta to finish up in the nesting box the other day.  Why they won't go in the nesting box at the same time, we're not sure.  There's plenty of room for two in there.  It could be a privacy issue.  Who knows?

This second video is of the two hens at sort of a CHICKEN STANDOFF.  See if you can guess who will move first.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Cold Weather and Tweaking

Condensation in run
(I initially started this post back in December 2011, but realized I had not finished it.)  The weather turned colder on Friday night and Saturday last.  However, I've been checking and you wouldn't think it, but the light bulb in the clay pot is putting out enough heat to keep it from freezing inside.  The entire outfit is staying warmer as is evidenced by the condensation inside of the plastic of the run.
Sand box for dust bathing

We needed to give the hens a means to be able to dust bathe, since we filled the run with wood shavings.  So, we took a plastic bin, cut it down, and filled it with sand.  They took to it very well.  However, it quickly became full of wood shavings and chicken droppings.  This setup worked very well - even when the temperatures fell below zero (Fahrenheit).  The last picture shows the run with the straw bales surrounding it.