Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Well, the inevitable has happened.  This evening my wife came home, having been out for the evening with our oldest son, and found one of our hens (as of now she thinks it is Nellie) dead in the nesting box.  She feels bad about it, but I assured her that there is nothing she could have done.

It is a mystery, though.  I asked her to put the hen in a plastic bag, then in the freezer until I can get home and look at it.  Since I'm not a vet, I don't know if I'll find anything, either.

Still, we are puzzled, because none of the hens looked unhealthy whatsoever.  It hasn't been cold enough here yet for them to be affected by that.  It could just be that the hen had trouble with trying to lay an egg, and simply expired.  We may never know.

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